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ZeCrew is your next sustainable, fun, adventure holiday. 

Our Low Carbon Adventures bring friends together in the great outdoors. We run, sail, climb, ride, breathe, love Earth while leaving behind the lightest possible impact on the environment. Our purpose is to make carbon intensive travelling (like flying and driving) embarrassingly uncool compared to our once-in-a-lifetime life-loving voyages (and we are totally getting there). You won’t find adrenaline-addicted, go-pro clad, extreme sport weirdos here. Our slow travel adventures combine accessibility and inclusivity with a variety of outdoor sports and no pre-requirement for specific skills. On the other hand positive thinking, generosity and empathy are practically essential.

Being part of a crew is about team working, sharing experiences and loving life.

Whether you have a large group of friends you like to go on holiday with or you enjoy travelling alone to meet new travel mates on the way, ZeCrew needs you to save the planet …while sipping prosecco on a glamorous sailing yacht cruising into the sunset in a perfect summer evening!

Be part of ZeCrew. Join us in our next adventure.

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