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ZeCrew 2018, Low Carbon Adventure Holidays. To book your place onboard ZC18, answer the questions and pay the £100 deposit below. Further details shall follow by email.

Our Passage Plan

ZC18 will start on Friday 20th July, fashionably early in the morning, when we will travel to Paris for a mini city-break of bistrots, iconic architecture, museums and patisseries. We will reconvene after dinner at the Gare di Lyon for our overnight trip to our next stop: Milan, where we will break fast on cappuccini e cornetti and take a tour around town. Late afternoon, we will hop on a train via the planes of Pianura Padana, the green mountains of Lunigiana and then along the coast to Pisa just in time for aperitivo. At sunset we will board our beautiful sailing boats and head off across the sea. The tired ones will be able to sleep rocked by the sea whilst those sea dogs amongst us shall enjoy the spectacular star-lit sky until we'll reach Capraia island the following morning. From then on we shall bob around on the sea, eating, drinking, swimming, diving with the option of taking to the land once again to explore the wilderness of the Tuscan islands. Poseidon allowing, we will then go to Elba or Corsica (fingers crossed the Westerly wind will let us sail to the beauty past Cape Corse this year!). The rest of the trip is easily summarised: great food, kind friends and lots of spritz.

Here's a taste of it...

Life Onboard

Life onboard is simple.
1. Take care of your crew
2. Take care of your boat
3. Take care of yourself

Surrounded by natural beauty and human kindness, you will be surprised how little we need to be happy.

ZeCrew, Low Carbon Adventures is a non for profit holiday group started in 2015 because Jules and I wanted to share our love of nature and the great outdoors. From Spring to Autumn we organise as many short holidays as we can, mixing train travel, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, kayaking and other sports. Slowing down the pace of travelling, we take more care for our physical and environmental health. Once a year we celebrate summer and migrate South to indulge in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and breath-taking coastlines of the Tuscan islands.

ZC Summer edition had one boat in 2015 (The Scarlino Quintet Edition), three boats in 2016 (Briseide, Big Mama and Stramba) and six boats in 2017 (Swannanoa, Morgana, Rapanui, Haru, Buff and Alnair). For the 2018 edition, our floating festival village will grow to 12 vessels.

We'd love to have you aboard.


ZC18 will take place from from Friday 20th to Saturday 28th July 2018. The total cost is £900. This includes travel from London to Paris, Milan, Pisa, Capraia, Elba and possibly Corsica by train, bus and sailboat. Food and drinks will be included once onboard our boats. The return ticket from Pisa is not included. VelaToscana, our sailing partner, is an Italian registered sailing school and we will be covered by their insurance policy onboard, otherwise ZeCrew is a holiday group, not a travel agency, so please arrange for your own travel insurance.

Price: £ 100.00
This is returnable in full should you require until 1 May 2018.
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